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Rakdee Siam offers design-build construction services with a comprehensive package including tasks from conceptual design to final construction completion. Our integrated teams work in colloboration to deliver projects without financial and other risks.


The integrated system of the departments enables us to provide seamless operations to deliver the best results for our clients.  When Rakdee Siam engages with a project, if the client selects the design build services, we colloborate architects, builders, engineers, estimators and all other personnel at the same table to produce the best ideas,  the creative solutions  with cost effective methods, streamlined schedules and increased operational capabilities.

Our Design-Build Construction Process

Rakdee Siam offers an design build contracting method compatiple with global design and construction methods. In the sequence of the project the design and construction operations implemented simultaneously throughout the project timelines.  Though it’s challenging to determine and project the final cost of the projects, the design-build construction concept is beneficial for our clients as it provides the services under an integrated package.

When you execute a design-build contract with us, Rakdee Siam will be the single source for both design, construction and all related procurement processes.  Rakdee Siam will be the single source responsible and hold the contratual risk for each aspect of the project including estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction. Rakdee Saim, as a design builder, then will coordinate all contracts with the subcontractors and vendors and all other suppliers.

Traditional Project Delivery Methods Vs Design-Build Construction

The traditional method will create extra efforts including the management of the contractor, associated subcontractors, subconsultants as well as the equipment vendors and material suppliers.  Client as the owner will become the middle man settling disputes between the contractor and consultants. The constructor and the designer may blame each other when the cost of the project may exceed the limits of  client’s budget which may result in delays in the project delivery and make the client lose time and money. 

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