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Rakdee Siam is a fully integrated design-building construction company and offers Professional design-build solutions at both inside and outside of your buildings .  We manage the design and development, budgets and proposals, orders and coordination with the construction management and architectural teams.

We develope the state of art interior architectural design and manage all of your furniture as well as associated elements from the begining to the end of the project. We can put together all the furniture and artwork elements of a project — from inventory and evaluation of existing furniture and artwork to specification, procurement, following up with installation and warranty management.

Rakdee Siam offers a full package of space planning and layouts, finish selections, 2d and 3d drawings and renderings, product selection and specification, installation drawings, power and data drawings, color boards, field verification, inventory management and artwork.


We carry a broad range of products allowing the full customization of your space. Our extensive furniture line lets you personalize while creating an efficient environment. We will guide you through plenty of choices to determine preferences and options, then help you select the desired products, colors, fabrics and finishes that fit your taste and budget. We can also suggest attractive yet durable finish and fabric selections and work with you to provide the best budget and product solutions.


Rakdee Siam offers a project coordination and management to help you stay on time and on budget.  Rakdee Siam manages very feauture of your project from initial consultation to delivery and final installation,  in order to maintain your project on Schedule and budget. Our proposals cover preliminary cost estimates, alternate cost scenarios and value engineering, delivering you the best project for your budget.


Our technical team handles order scheduling, processing orders, project schedules and timelines as well as phased installation. And We provide a  coordination between  construction and architectural design programs to ensure that the interior design matched project criteria and fits your exterior design. We provide project closeout, punchlists and end-user coordination.


Additionally, we assign a project manager as a single point of contact from the start and the completion of your project.  Unlike most of the interior designers will create several bouncing issues by directing you to the several departments including sales, design and management , but Metart offers an individualized experience with a single point of contact.

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