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Rakdee Siam is also one of the largest supplier for building and construction materials and equipment.

We supply plumbing materials and equipment. Steel, Cement, Gypsum, Adhesives, Sealants, Grouting Materials,  Insulation Chemicals, Membranes with various use, Gypsum Boards, Concrete Panels, Aliminium Materials, Stone Wool, Suspended Ceiling Materials, Floor Coatings, Pavement Materials, PVC Floor Lagging, Wood Floor Lagging Materials, Network Cables, Medium Voltage Cables, Internal and External Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs, Electrical Cable Trays, Led Lighting Fixtures, Switch Gear and Plugs, CCTV Systems,  Electroning Fire Alarm Systems, Audio-Visual Security Devices, Power Generation Equipment and Spare Parts. 
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