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Rakdee Siam offers design-build construction services  the industrial setting which requires a special set of skills, manpower, and financial stability. Rakdee Siam provides industrial construction services involving superior quality construction management to our national and international clients;

Manufacturers     Power Generation      Production Related     Pharmaceutical 
                         Plants                       Facilities                   Facilities

Our skilled team brings significant experience, dedication and a guarantee that our projects will be completed within the strictest of timelines and budget constraints. Rakdee Siam meets all of your industrial construction needs, both present and future.

Exceeding the Expectations of Industrial Clients

Rakdee Siam  brings maximum versatility in our services and capabilities. We pride ourselves on being able to help our clients regardless of the scope of the project, ranging from new construction or  facility updates to smaller projects such as renovations.

Expanding Your Production Capabilities

Rakdee Siam offers solutions to corporations who need reoccuring upgrades to their facilities in order to modify them to meet the needs new technologies of a specific industry. The alterations performed over a system or facility may require various changes so that the operations are compliant with the code, industry regulation and advancements in the technology. Rakdee Siam is a single source for all of your industrial demands  which will assure that your company can grow and keep pace with the trends.

Long-Term Energy Savings

Ugrading your facility may require extra afford to keep the energy costs low. Upgrades to electrical, HVACs and other core systems significantly important issues in order to achieve energy effeciency in the facilities. Rakdee Siam offers energy efficient solutions to leverage the energy costs and provide long-term effectiveness.

Industrial Facility Maintenance Services

Maintenance of an industrial facility is not only about keeping up the appearance of your building but also providing a consistently safe working environment for your employees. Metart supports our clients with facility maintenance services allowing your team to continue the regular workday as we perform inspections, minor repairs, and more.

Safety is The Top Priority with Industrial Construction

We know that many of our clients need to continue using their facilities while work is being completed. Knowledge and execution are critical to safely completing the project while keeping your systems online and producing. By choosing Rakdee Siam  for your industrial construction project you can rest easy, knowing that significant planning and procedures are in place to ensure the safety of both our team and yours.

Design / Build Services

There are many questions to be answered during the preplaning stage in order avoid any future failures;

  • How large should the structure be?

  • Do you want luxury finishes or do you prefer a more economical approach?

  • Have you budgeted enough money for the entire project?

  • If it’s a commercial, or an industrial property, have you included potential expansion in your plans?

Turnkey Construction Solution

Based on the feedback from the clients, our  design and construction management team can take your building from the drawing board to completion, turning your vision into reality. Rakdee Siam does the hard stuff – estimating the budget, helping you secure financing, creating architectural and engineering plans, obtaining permits and zoning variances, clearing the land and constructing the building – so that you can focus on your business. From planning to construction to handing you the keys to the front door, our Design/Build Service makes building or renovating your property as stress-free as possible.

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