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Rakdee Siam offers  preconstruction, design-management, construction-management and program-management services across all segments of the national and international commercial and institutional marketplace.


Rakdee Siam offers program and construction management services on large multi-use development projects. Rakdee Siam’s ultimate approach takes your projects from preplanning an infrastructure development through construction and site turnover.


Rakdee Siam offers professionalism to  manage projects for R&D laboratories, science and technology buildings and higher education facilities. Rakdee Siam has the expertise to effectively integrate fabrication areas, laboratories and office space into a multi-use environment. In addition, our expertise includes a wide variety of facilities, including arenas, convention centers, high-rise buildings, performing-arts centers, stadiums and theaters.

High Quality with Lower Overhead Costs

When your business is growing and you need a new facility to accomodate hunderds of workers, you will face challenges in your commercial construction project. Rakdee Siam is the best choice to respond to your design-build construction needs on these issues.


Rakdee Siam offers high quality design-build solutions when you are building a new commercial facility or you want to perform expansions in our existing building.  Rakdee Siam assures that the projects are to be completed on Schedule and according to your Budget.  What makes us different than our competitors who provides the same service is the lower overhead costs that we offer so that the services will affordable for you.

Rakdee Siamas a Commercial Construction Partner

Throughout the construction process, our team will communicate directly with your project management team in order to receive input, update you on the status of your project, and respond to any questions or concerns. Rakdee Siam will also guide you through the process of choosing top quality products to use within your space that both meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The Rakdee Siam team is highly experienced and very comfortable working in occupied spaces. Because construction can affect both your business and the ability of your employees to be productive, we create a plan to  keep this impact to a minimum while still hitting your  deadlines and budget guidelines.

Don’t let general wear and tear on your building or facility affect job performance and production. Facility   maintenance services ensure that your building is  constantly up to date and in good repair. We can repair  or replace fixtures, install additional bathrooms, and even   restructure your property to allow for more office space   and new equipment, all without interrupting the normal  flow of your company.

We take pride in what we do and confidently offer a written warranty that guarantees our work for up to   one year after construction.

Design / Build Services from Rakdee Siam Construction

Before you break ground on your commercial property, many questions need to be answered:

  • Do you need to submit your plans to zoning?

  • Does your project require any variances?

  • Have you submitted plans for local municipality review?

  • How large should the structure be?

  • Do you want luxury finishes or do you prefer a more economical approach?

  • Have you budgeted enough money for the entire project?

  • If it’s a commercial, or an industrial property, have you included potential expansion in your plans?

Rakdee Siam’s Turnkey Solution

Based on your answers, Rakdee Siam’s design and construction management team can take your building from the drawing board to completion, turning your vision into reality. We do the hard stuff – estimating the budget, helping you secure financing, creating architectural and engineering plans, obtaining permits and zoning variances, clearing the land and constructing the building – so that you can focus on your business.

From planning to construction to handing you the keys to the front door, our Design/Build Service makes building or renovating your property as stress-free as possible.

Code Compliance

At Rakdee Siam Construction, we can handle any and all code compliance issues that you may have, from updating your bathrooms to installing new fire doors. This includes meeting the requirements of the Disabilities Act . Our code compliance services encompass, but are not limited to the following:

  • Emergency Exit Signs

  • Emergency Lighting Systems

  • Fire Alarms

  • Fire Doors

  • Fire Rating Boiler Rooms

  • Fire Rating Stairways

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Handicapped Ramps

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