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Rakdee Siam (RSI) is an International Design Build Construction services based in Thailand and is a leading builder in diverse market segments. Rakdee Siam has earned reputation for undertaking and completing projects on time and by keeping the promise to its clients. Futhermore, fostering innovation, following new technologies and always presenting a difference to the clients, employees and communities have enabled us to build a good reputation in the region.

At Rakdee siam, our focus on building long-term client relationships has helped us become a robust  and diverse provider of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, HVAC, VRV System Design /Installation/Commmisioning and Facility Management Services. To Cater a One Stop place to all needs of Customer to build their Uniqueness and forBusiness Development, We have our In-House Manufacturing capabilities for making Creative Products such as Signs, Advertising, Print Media, Events and Booths Set-up. Building up strategic partnerships we serve a broad range of companies and organizations, including Industrial, Commercial, and Government clients across multiple markets and geographies.


90 percent of our portfolio is coming from our existing clients. We get to know our customers’ businesses intimately, and partner with them to help them achieve their objectives. That commitment to our clients produces consistent cost advantages, profits and growth, allowing us to attract and build our reputation. Our strict dedication to safety and uncompromising ethics create a work environment that promotes employee progress and helps increase our  revenue.

We measure the value we deliver to clients every day — wherever in the world they may be, in any industry or technical discipline.

Why Rakdee Siam?


Rakdee Siam is consisting of a well established organizational structure.  The structure of our organization assists us complete the projects and deliveries on time. Dynamism that we have also enables us to handle more than one project at a time. Each department of Rakdee Siam is trained and knowledgeable regarding the each element of our organizational structure and the principles are reflected to operations.


Record Keeping

Rakdee Siam implements record keeping procedures and each activity is recorded and reported periodically. By record keeping, we know where we are standing financially while each department knows where they stand at progress in the projects and deliveries.


Continious Market Research

Competition breeds the best results. Rakdee Siam continously performs market researches as we know that we can keep up the level we catch up within the industry,  research and business development operates simultaneously.  We are aware that the sustainibility of the growth of our operations is tied up with the R&D operations. An innovative spirit of business is the nature of the business that we perform.


Understanding the Risks and Rewards

The sustainibility of our growth is the future of our business, so we always consider the risks and rewards while venturing into a new project. We create financial analysis and action plans and develop scenarios to see the situations in detail in order to foresee any failures in our operations. Also this knowledge allow us to take the kinds of calculated risks that can generate tremendous rewards.



Rakdee Siam believes in Innovation and Technology and is a follower of new Technologies in the Industry. We always follow the technological fairs and utilize our R&D department effectively to foresee what will be coming next. Rakdee Siam  always looks for ways to improve the business and to make it stand out from the competition. We are always open to new ideas and new approaches to our business.


Staying Focused With Patience

Nothing in the world is developed in an hour and no business man is a magician. Starting a new business or project doesn’t mean we will win the lottery. Business requires to be staying focused and patient. We are aware of this princible and we set short-term and long term-goals for the business growth.


Prepared to Make Sacrifices

Rakdee Siam has the financial, material and equipment, and human resources to invest into any new project or profitable business. Foreseeing the profitability of an operation, we are ready to make sacrifices regarding time and other resources. Though its hard, we know that we have to make sacrifices, such as spending less time with family and friends in order to be successful,too.


Great Customer Service

Rakdee Siam provides customer centric services and products and customer satisfaction is one of our core values.  The better we service to our clients, the more they are inclined to contact Metart for the next delivery or the project. Therefore, awareness of the value of the communications with the clients is in top priority for us.


Consistentcy In Our Services and Products

Rakdee Siam provides consistent business operations and deliveries and establishes procedures to sustain the consistency of the operations and deliveries.  The consistency is the basis of each foot step towards the long term goals of our company.

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