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As a quality services provider in the construction industry, Rakdee Siam offers luxury hotel and real estate development. We are dedicated to design-build extraordinary hotel, resort and residential properties meeting demands of the hospitability sectors.  Rakdee Siam’s construction and design teams are experienced in the design-build processes of luxury hotels, resorts and spa projects including golf fields and all other recreational areas for the facilities’ visitor use. 


Before starting a project, Rakdee Siam eliminate factors exposing risks for failure. Completing a project on time and on budget requires a well planned project and delivering on that plan.  We concentrate on the details and work efficiently to enhance your experience with our team. We view each of our projects as a personal partnership and do everything in our power to make our relationships valuable for our clients.

Rakdee Siam keeps its promise to the clients which we state in our core values regarding the customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to creating trusting relationships with out clients so we work with the most reliable suppliers and subcontractors. The value that we give to our clients will enable us to foster our place in the market. Our goal is to create a business that endures; built on a foundation of satisfied customers.


Rakdee Siam’s Architecture & Construction team is dedicated to working with our development partners, owners, and franchisees. Our expertly qualified professionals will support you throughout the entire architecture and construction process


Rakdee Siam works with you in the design and build process to construct superior quality facilities and structures and we are dedicated to provide architectural and construction excellence while building your hotels and resorts.

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