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Rakdee Siam can handle any challenge in the construction project management that we have been the choice of various clients from different industries and provided successful project completions up to now.  If you choose Rakdee Siam to be your construction manager, we assure to provide qualified services with a seamless management of each phase through the vision of the quality; then you can rest assured we’ll lead every aspect of your build — from well before groundbreaking until long after the ribbon-cutting.


Construction management is a project-delivery system in our toolbox in which we facilitate both design and construction by organizing people, materials and equipment. It emerged as a delivery method in the 1960s and 1970s to provide a better project value than the traditional design-bid-build method .

While serving as construction managers at risk, we’ve delivered hundreds of builds always on-time and on-budget. Over a decade, we’ve proven ourselves to be a reliable partner, serving the full range of clients — from General Directorate of Hydraulic Works to General Directorate of Mass Housing along with clients from private sector. And we’ve led builds on everything from high schools, mosques and hotels to hospital, distribution centers and more.

All through the Middle East and Europe we have developed partnerships to be effective at any location regarding the construction operation along with our logistical capabilities.  We select people, subcontractors and vendors very carefully while meeting the project requirements. Each team member will have significant experience applicable to the specific challenges of your project. Our people are what set us apart at Rakdee Siam, and your construction management project is in good hands with us. With an expert team working efficiently in partnership with you, we bring innovation to the design and construction process, saving you time and money.

Robust Team , Successful Consruction Management


Rakdee Siam believes in the teamwork and value each member of our team.  It’s a fact that a sole man cannot perform all the operations even if he or she has the unique capabilities. What makes us successful is that we support the diversity in our management and site teams.

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