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PROJECT TITLE: GAZIANTEP INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT PASSENGER TERMINAL AND APRON PROJECT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: Rakdee Siam is proud to have completed the Gaziantep International Aiport Passenger Terminal and Apron project in Gaziantep.  Our achievement consists of the construction of a new passenger terminal and the construction of the apron. We have comprehensively developed project planing regarding all infrastructure and related services, as well. The terminal is equipped with new and improved state-of-the-art technology to improve passenger convenience, safety and security, as well as expedite the check-in processes. Other facilities will include exclusive premium-class facilities, expanded check-in area security stations, and emigration and security stations. Rakdee Siam designed the terminal to attain optimum efficiency of operations, easy and flexible passenger movement, and superior service to the users. The building has been designed…

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